Enjoy cooking with 6 in 1 Grinder!

With this 6 in 1 grinder, you don't have to twist while grinding! All you need is a general touch then you can enjoy the freshly ground peppercorn and other spices!

Equipped with 6 interchangeable containers, the “6 in 1 grinder” allows you to store up to 6 ingredients or spices. For example, grinding red and green beans for dessert, grinding peppercorn, herbs and salt for seasoning. You can even grind rice to cook for babies or elderlies!
With its unique design, this rotary tray is not only convenient but also very elegant.  It fits seamlessly onto any kitchen counter or dining table.
There are two openings on each container: The arrow shows you that the larger one which faces upwards is for filling the spices. The smaller opening is for grinding so remember it always faces downwards when using.
This grinder is battery operated which required 2 double A batteries.  There is a knob for you to choose your grind setting: 1 being the finest and 9 being the normal grinding size. The grinder can be operated single-handed simply by pressing this button.  Equipped with ceramic blade, this grinder is very durable, as it won't oxidize. It also comes with a spotlight at the bottom. Whenever you use the grinder, the light will turn on automatically. So you can see clearly where the spices are.

To change the container, hold it upside down and shake it for a few seconds. This can let the spices fall back into the container. Unlock it, pull out the container. Press the button for a few seconds until all the left over comes out. Select your desired container and plug it in. Remember the small opening has to face downwards.
This grinder makes cooking more convenient and FUN!

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